Sunday, 20 October 2013

Meet the students at the Abu Dis Girls School!

Hello from Abu Dis !

Today I finally had the first session with the 7th and 9th grade. So exciting!

After introducing each other, we brainstormed some ideas about what TWINNING means, why we do it, and how you make a twinning [see some ideas below]. The girls focused on communication and wanted to ask the girls in London if they would like to exchange emails or Facebook! What do you say?? :D

 The girls also introduced themselves on paper so that the students in Camden can get to know them, and hopefully reply to their questions! Have a look below!

Mary with the 9th grade in the library

The girls of grade 7 drawing (see below!)

Some ideas about twinning

Meet the girls in Grade 7! Here is what they drew and wrote about their lives. The girls in Grade 9 wrote some short letters that I will send to the volunteers in London so that their students can get to know them as well!

And finally... an artwork that we found at the school... Some students had made some sheep in preparation for 'Eid, which was last week (on the 15th of October)!

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