Wednesday, 5 November 2014

School links

Youth links are really important because students are the future.
So CADFA works in a lot of schools. LSU, William Eills Parliament Hill Camden School for Girls, Regent High School, Haverstock, Hampstead, Acland Burghley. These schools are Twinned (a special kind of link) with schools in Abu Dis, Palestine. They have set up blogs so that they can communicate with each other. We are really excited to go into the schools. 
We are EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers from Spain and Germany. EVS volunteers from Palestine and volunteers who have been to Palestine go into schools too. CADFA organises visits to London for school students and teachers from Abu Dis. When they are here they go into schools as well and do lots of activities with the students here. 
We have been enjoying getting to know Camden. Camden is a vibrant and multicultual place. One of it’s highlights is Camden Market where you can buy almost anything! Here you will find a statue of the famous signer Amy Winehouse. The house where she lived is just down the road from the CADFA office in Kentish Town, another part of Camden. If you want to bump into celebrities  then  the place to go is definitely Primrose Hill, a quieter area near Regent’s Park. Famous people also lived here in the past. Charles Dickens wrote his book Oliver Twist in his house in Camden, which is now a museum. Camden also has lots of drama schools and theatres. Camden isn’t just full of people- London Zoo is also here.
Yesterday we went to Parliament Hill. When we looked one way we could see the whole of London, when we looked the other way it felt like we were in the middle of the countryside! The area around there is lovely and Emilio is definitely making plans to live there at some point in his life! 


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