Thursday, 31 January 2013

Welcome from LSU at the CADFA office

Letter from LSU school students to Abudis school students

By Tamara Halasi
Hey guys,

We are six girls from LSU sixth form. Every Thursday we have Palestine and LSU Twinning lunch club. Tamara and Sabrina introduced Palestinian culture and life.We are here on a visit to the CADFA  office.We’ve learned a lot about CADFA from Nandita.

Tell us more about your lives.We would like to learn more about you.Please send us a photo of you guys.
We hope you are doing well.
Take care,

Back row from left Nafis,Jessica,Beza,Katerina
Front row:Louise,Rowen.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

French class at LSU School

Today, during the lunch club at LSU School, I did a French class. First of all, I want to stress that  in some Arab contries, people speak French, it’s the case of Lybia for example. It’s the first French class at this lunchclub. For this first French class, I started with basic things. So, I explained  how they can introduce themselves, how to follow a simple conversation and I started with the numbers. The students were very involved. I am looking forward to a new session.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Palestinian Cities

By :Tamara Halasi

A wide variety of geographic definitions of Palestine have been used over the centuries, and those definitions have always been emotionally and politically contentious. 

Many of the historical issues concerning Palestinians involve geography and maps. In recent Palestine-LSU School Club session ,we had different presentations about Palestinian cities :old city,culture,tourists attractions,clothes and food.Jerusalem,Gaza,Hebron,Nablus and Bethlehem.

Tamara Halasi