Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I want to go to the college

 Hi friends!

In the last session in LSU school we played a game call 'I want to go to the college' with the students. The game had been made with some other EVS volunteers in the past. We want to say 'thank you' for making it, because it is a really useful tool learn about  Palestinian issues.

The games is quite easy to play, we have a board with different boxes. You throw the dice and you move your peice forward the number in the dice. If your box has a question mark you pick up a card. All the cards are in the middle of the board. If your card has a positive answer about the school you can advance one box more, but if your card has a bad thing like the difficulties which the Palestinian students find every day, you should go back one box.
Example: 'I found my favourite book in the library' +1  ; ' The Israeli soldiers throw tier gas to the school' -1 The winner is thw first to arrive at the end of the board.

At the end of the game we talked about different topics in Palestine like the problems which the students have every day in the school: checkpoints, problems with soldiers,tear gas, etc.

Emilio Sanchez.
EVS Volunteer

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Around our school

Our school, La Sainte Union is in the north of London. It is near Hampstead Heath, which is a big park here in London.
Aida, Naima, Zainab and Saoirse in front of La Sainte Union. We are all students here and we are all 16 to 17. We study subjects like History, English, Biology, Maths, Politics, Classics, Chemistry and many others.
Aida, Lucy, Zainab and Saoirse
La Sante Union is near Highgate Road, a typical busy London street.

We all use buses a lot, to get to school and around London.

Here are a selection of images from our school LSU:
The Art room:

 The Gym:


The Geography Department:


A painting of inspirational women by LSU students:
Science Lab: