Monday, 11 April 2016

from a student in Abu Dis Girls School

the twinning club at the Girls school meeting with Najah Ayyad from Dar Assadaqa women group
Abu Dis girls secondary school took the first step to make healthier food choices by taking part in Healthy Eating Day in Wednesday 6th of April
This Day was to encourage school children to eat healthy and useful food . And to advise  students and instruct them to stay away from unhealthy food which 

contains a lot of preservatives which cause dangerous diseases 
We have provided for the students in this day useful handmade food which contains a lot of nutrients , vitamins and proteins which are necessary for  the growth of the body especially at this stage of the of the students .

Dania Qasem 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Getting to know our school by Shoruq Bader 11th grade

Getting to know our school
Abu-Dis Secondary School for Girls, is a government secondary school belonging
 to the Directorate educating the outskirts of Jerusalem \ Ram.As any school in the
world we learn materials.In each grade we learn different things but we keep learning
 the same materials, until the 10th grade.In the 10th grade we choose which route we
 want to continue in academic route or vocational route, in our school we have just the
 academic route, and in the academic route we have two streams, the scientific stream
 which we mostly study math and science. And the literary stream which we study subjects
 like history and Arabic, and the last steam is commercial stream which we study subjects
 like technology and accounting. After two years in studying the stream we chose, 
we have to go throw the final year 12th grade or which we name Al-Twjihi. In Al-Twjihi we 
go throw testes that the ministry writes, and people who pass this exams, get a degree
 and can register in colleges and universities.
The materials we learn at school are math, Arabic language, English language, science,
 history, geography, religion, technology, French language or health, sport and art.