Sunday, 17 January 2016

Arriving to London and Meeting Our Partners

We arrived in London Friday the 8th, and we went to a residential with many teachers in shropshire. The weekend was very productive and great. Upon returning from Shropshire, we went to LSU and Camden Girls School where we attended classes and met with our partner teachers.

Arrving to LSU

Meeting with our partner teachers

Camden Girls

We compared schools and the education systems between Palestine and the UK. Both systems had pros and cons and we agreed to activate our blog in order to make a long last communication between two schools. Also, we agreed to have a joint skype lesson once a month. We also agreed to exchange students' facebooks and social media profiles so they can start interacting with each other. We spoke about the situation in Palestine and the difffculties students face every day due to the restricition of movement and the constant arrests.
 *We hope we will be able to create long term twinning links and learn from them and raise awareness about the situation in Palestine

Nibal and Rudayna
Abu Dis Girls School