Monday, 29 October 2018

The Twining Clubs - 2018

The Twining clubs between Abu Dis  and LSU 2018 -2019

         I'm a volunteer at "DAR ASSADAQA" Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association, and during a visit to the girls in the school to discuss the possible future activities for the our twining clubs project between Abu Dis Girls School and Camden - LSU, for this year , and to share our ambitions for the twining clubs. While The Abu Dis School for girls with the faculty and students were very welcoming, and are looking forward to work with everyone involved in the twining clubs project. 

Also, they were excited to share with us what the School and the girls have done for the past weeks, as a part of the annual activities for Abu Dis School for Girls. and Were generous to share with us their latest annual activity. 

On Thursday, October 18th, 2018, the school girls with the supervision of the school teacher kefah Arikat, successfully celebrated the International Day for Heritage and The International Day of Elderly Persons in the school theater, with a combination of activities, including singing the traditional songs, recreating the Palestinian traditional wedding, poetry reading, theater acting concerning the current situation in Jerusalem and the Palestinians Prisoners, the girls scout show, and the traditional  Dabkkeh Dance. 
The School informed us that their girls were training for these activities from the start of the school year, and that they are now planning for future annual activities, which the school celebrates on the national and international level for the rest of the year, explaining to us that it's the schools role to help in raising the awareness of students on their basic rights as equal humans with the rest of the world, and towards their part in cultural resistance and building our community.