Sunday, 10 March 2013

Human Rights with the Year 11s

We're going to spend a few lessons with our Year 11s talking about Human Rights.

We started by talking about the 'lists' of rights, beginning with the Universal Declaration. Then we discussed 'respect' for rights and 'violation' of rights and asked them to think of groups of people who might need special lists to make sure they would be able to enjoy the rights in the Universal Declaration. Their first suggestions were 'people in Africa' and 'poor people'. This was interesting, especially since in this lesson we really wanted them to think about things they thought should be human rights while we will go through the rights in the UDHR next week. After some discussion  about groups in a society that might be more vulnerable or treated differently they also came up with 'women' 'children' 'refugees' and 'disabled people'.

We briefly discussed the fact that governments are legally required to respect the rights they have agreed to uphold and then went through the difference between national and international law and the problem of enforcement. 

 After this we split them into two groups and asked them to draw a human rights 'tree'. In the branches we asked them to write things that all people need in order to live full lives, and in the roots we asked them to think about what is needed in order to ensure we all have these things. 

Rama, Haneen, Sondos and Marwa

Yasmine, Rasha, Naa'ma and Dalal

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