Wednesday, 9 October 2013

First day at the Abu Dis Girls School

Hello London!

My first day at the Girls School in Abu Dis did not go exactly as expected, as we did not manage to have our first session with the girls. However, after arranging the schedule for next time (Sunday after the 'Eid holiday), Waad and I briefly met with the girls from the 7th grade. None of the girls have been part of a twinning before. After the first introductions, explanations of the project, an attempted introduction in a rudimentary Arabic from my side (Ismee Mary!), and lots of questions, we had to let the girls go back to their class. First impressions: lots of excitement in the air, it seems we will be having lots of fun! Looking forwards to meeting the 8th and 9th grade next week!

Mary with the 7th grade girls.

 Graffiti at the Girls School

 Map of the Arab world

Graffiti saying: "Whenever there is love and harmony, we will definitely create something good"

 The Abu Dis Girls School

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