Friday, 29 November 2013

We Want To Play a Football Match!!!

   I (Suzan) and Safia went to Camden girls school for our regular lunch club, where we met Una( the teacher who runs the lunch club ) and there were 7 girls waiting for us:) We were supposed to do the IDs game but  I found that I brought half cards so Safia suggested to show a video entitled (We Want To Play a Foot ball Match) which was made by  Palestinian children who enacted the reality of our land.

    It was about some children who  wanted to play a football match just near a small playground local to their home. So they actually went but the Israeli soldiers stopped them and started to ask them about their IDs and one of the soldiers hit a boy so his friend tried to defend  him but the soldiers hit him and took him to the prison!

    So after they watched the video I asked them what can you now tell us about what you saw, and really they were so smarts and asked a lot of questions :) I can tell now that those girls started to understand the situation in Palestine . Next Friday the girls suggested if we could have  lunch together and they said they would prefer it if we brought some Palestinian food like zaatr, bread, olive oil, olives :) we will have fun :D

  I took  pictures of the girls and the lunch club but we still are waiting the permit from the parents of the girls :)

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