Thursday, 1 May 2014

New girls at the lunch club

Hey Hey!

There are four new girls at the lunch club in LSU school....they dont' know much about Palestine yet so they had plenty of questions to ask you!

We started to tell them about Palestine through objects and pictures which began to show a little bit about Palestine . They were amazed by the smell of Arabic coffee, the number of "holy places" in Jerusalem and the story of the wall. We spoke a lot about it during the last session, and one of the girls ask a really good question : '' Why the wall is built inside the Palestinian territories? '' We answered it  and explained all of the difficulties the wall brings to the Palestinian people.
Maybe you would like to answer this questions yourselves?
They would like to know more about you and about your daily life in are their questions:

"How does the wall affect you directly?"

"At what time do you wake up to go to school?"

"How long does it take you to go to school?"
"What is you favorite singer?"

"Do you enjoy school? What type of subjects do you do?"

"How is life at home? And what is your daily routine?"

Can you let them know more about it? Hope to hear from you soon!

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