Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Human rights Adenvent Calender

Hi everyone,

Christmas is soon. In connection with this we had the idea to create a Human Rights Advent Calendar. So we planned to design the cover of the Advent Calender and put a human right in every single box. During our work we started to talk about the girls' interests. We wanted to know what kind of activities they would like to do in the future with us. So Erica, the teacher, had the idea to have a little stall in the school like a Christmas Market. There can sell some stuff from CADFA like olive oil, zatar and CADFA cups and tell other people about our work.  After a long discussion about the date we decided to do it on December 16.

Next week we want to finish the Advent Calendar and start to create posters and leaflets to publish our plans. I think its a really cool idea and I hope a lot of teachers and students will visit our stall.


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