Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Abu Dis Girls school football team

Hi ,
I’m so excited and happy to tell you about the last activity of our school .On Wednesday 7th of December 2016 our school football team and other teams of Jerusalem suburbs schools participated in a champion ship . called “support her to play football” which is supported by Jerusalem clubs Association .

 we played with Bethany school first , we start to worry because they are from the best team in championship when we start playing ,the tension gone , while Malak Ayyad score the first goal , then we score another one by Malak Al-haj Hassan ,then they score a goal and the match end , and the referees Announces our won 2-1 , all people ,teachers and referees come to take photos with us then we played with  Al –Sauahra school we lose 1-0 they scores it by luck ,however we congrats them ,then we realize that we lose the first and second grade , then we played with AL-Machareaia at the third and fourth Rank , and we lose again to get the fourth grade , the cup flew from our hand ,but the directors and teacher were so happy because we have the first athletic achievement since 5 years.

I really hope to hear from you in the near future.
PS : I forget to tell you that the best player of the champion was Malak Alhaj Hasan from our school J

best wishes ,
Noor Taha Alhalaby .

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