Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Hello! I'm Rebeca, student from University of Granada (Spain). During this time I'm colaborating with the organization CADFA (Camden AbuDis Friendship Association). We are involved in some activities and one of them is the Twinning Club.

Twinning club is celebrated each Monday with students (all of them girls) of La Sainte union Catholic school. We have programmed some activities to each session.
Two first sessions, we were talking about Palestine. How is the situation there and for the Palestinians as well. We showed them through an adapted presentation of Power Point.

They didn't have idea of the situation, so they were very impressed. The girls looked very interested about the talk, as well they asked some questions about.

Third session, they were reading the letters that girls from Palestine sent to them. They were exicited with the letters and the girls had a lot of things to ask. So, next session, we will get the letters of London girls send to AbuDis girls. With a lot of questions and curiosity.

We have a surprise for the girls of London as well !!! :) 

The main goal of this project is to open the girls' minds and make them aware of the real world. Just at least, to appreciate their safe life here, and maybe in the future work to end these kinds of injustices that are happening nowadays every day.


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